Scorpio – Monday, October 12, 2020: You finally find calm despite the storm | Scorpio Horoscopes

Moon phase: Ebb
Illumination: 20%
Sign of influence: Leo.
Tarot card: The Magician from the front.

You will celebrate in a personal capacity what for a moment kept you in a sense of incongruity with people. In itself, it is public relations that have made you not find the necessary patience that encourages you to have a better relationship with those you live with.

Forecast of the day: now you find in the good energy of the moon, the possibilities of returning your confidence in yourself, filling you with open doors in various aspects of your life. You may not have to feel committed to those you do not have a compatibility with, but at least you will be much more kind and trustworthy.

You give a double chance to the person who wants to have a serious relationship with you, perhaps you have felt that you do not tolerate certain things that make you despair of her and you began to doubt if it had been the best decision to continue in a relationship that does not give you the security you need .

At this point you will be pleased but as soon as possible talk things out so that you do not feel at a disadvantage later on.

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You will meet people who have become specialists in joint issues and who have the knowledge to heal what is necessary.

You feel uncomfortable with your legs and feet because you are too tired. But in themselves it is not the physical activities that you do, but the emotions that are put in your legs to prevent you from moving forward.

You will put your money to flow into an important purchase that you need to build a property that you can later sell.

You have to do everything possible not to feel at a financial disadvantage, if at the moment you do not buy luxuries or some things that you wanted to invest in the present. So give yourself a break so you can see what you sowed grow, reaping in a short time what is necessary.

The result you obtained in your work gives you a very good thorn, especially because even though who your boss is does not take into account everything you do, he remains silent after someone higher than him recognizes what you are. In himself he will be ashamed because he was unable to do everything possible to obtain in less time what you have done in days.

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Couple prediction for today Monday
If you are in a couple: You return to a physical routine that will help you and your partner to stay in shape.

If you are single: do not stop to tell what you think to who you like.

Sexual energy level: Moderate.

Love: Pisces or water signs.
Friendship: Capricorn or earth signs.
Labor: Libra or air signs.

Tolerance level: Moderate.
With whom could you get into tension: keep your distance from an Aries.


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