Scotland brackets for "Netflix Effect" when TV movie about Robert the Bruce is launched Media

Scotland brackets for "Netflix Effect" when TV movie about Robert the Bruce is launched Media

At Linlithgow Palace, the birthplace of Scotland's tragic Mary, Queen of Scots, volunteer guides and workers are preparing for a tourist climb.

This 15th-century palace, a stronghold of the Stuart dynasty, is surprisingly well-preserved and is already attracting visitors who walk among stone halls and ramparts and admire its small hole. But Frances Murray, tour guide and shop manager, knows that more is on the way. Why? Because last week Netflix started Outlaw king, a production about the life of Robert the Bruce, which was shot in part in Linlithgow. And after the great success of Outlander TV drama series, which was shot in different places in Scotland, the country knows a thing or two about the TV effect.

"Such buoyant points like these come from TV shows like Outlander is amazing and we expect the same from Outlaw king"Said Murray yesterday. "But sometimes we get tourists from overseas who want to see certain rooms in which some scenes were filmed, and we have to explain that they do not exist. But this is such a beautiful and interesting building that they will soon wrap up in it. "

The West Lothian Palace was just one of several Scottish venues for the new movie featuring Chris Pine as the warrior overlord. The others read like the directory of a tourist brochure: Borthwick Castle, Dunfermline Abbey, Glasgow Cathedral and Doune Castle near Stirling. And the beautiful landscapes of Skye are already disturbing the main characters.

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