Scotland challenges Britain to hold a referendum on independence

The Prime Minister of Scotland, Nicolas Sturgeon, has challenged the British government and its president, Boris Johnson, that no one will stop another referendum the country intends to hold to independence from the United Kingdom.
In statements to Sky News, Sturgeon said that only the courts can prevent another independence referendum. Neither Johnson nor their government can prevent us.
The Prime Minister of Scotland explained, “I am saying that if Boris Johnson wants to stop him, he will have to take legal action.”
“If Boris Johnson didn’t do that, it would be a legal referendum by definition. And if he does, the courts will decide which position we will also be committed to. ”
Sturgeon pledged to hold the independence referendum if her “Scottish National” party achieved a majority in the regional elections scheduled for next May.
She said that if the party wins, a referendum on secession will take place regardless of the position of the British government.


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