Scotland's win-or-bust clash with Japan goes ahead on Sunday – even if it means playing the crucial showdown behind closed doors.

England's meeting with France – as super Typhoon Hagibis prepares to break away from Japan's eastern coast.

Yokohama's International Stadium is in the middle of nowhere, but it's not as good as it gets. kick-off time.

Scotland need to beat the Brave Blossoms to progress, but the game would end in the match with the end of Scotland's campaign.

World Rugby had previously had contingency measures in place for typhoon season.

The Scottish Rugby Union have already insisted it "fully expects" plans to make the game go ahead, with Murrayfield sources expressing concern over the competition's sporting integrity.

New Zealand's fixture with Italy – effectively knocking out the Azzurri out of the competition – it appears World Rugby are not willing to budge on their rules that state pool matches can not be rescheduled to a later date.

Super Typhoon Hagibis

However, Townsend believes there are other ways to make the Japan game go ahead. The Scotland head coach, speaking at a hastily-arranged press conference at the Hamamatsu team hotel, said: "We believe the game has been canceled because the weather forecast is much improved for Sunday.

"It looks like the game wants to be played and that's what we have to say. [World Rugby] have made the call with a lot of certainty and a lot of confidence that the game will go ahead on Sunday night.

"I'd hope that everyone who is involved in the tournament would want to play the game and that they do. If it's a closed-door or a different venue, we have to have faith in the organizers. "

A television screen at World Rugby's press conference shows the potential impact of Typhoon Hagibis

A television screen at World Rugby's press conference shows the potential impact of Typhoon Hagibis. Photographer: David Rogers / Getty Images

He added: "There are lots of different venues that might not be affected by the weather. There are training venues. We trained at NTT. Japan trained at Chichibu Prince, which has previously hosted international games.

"What do we need? We need officials, we need players. The way I read the rules that would not change days but you could change and contingencies would be in place.

"I've been told there is force majeure [measures in the rules] and things can change because of exceptional circumstances. If that means Monday because it takes a day for things to put back in order then who knows. But right now I think they're planning on going on Sunday. "

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Photographer: Christophe Ena / AP

However, tournament director Alan Gilpin has already ruled out a change of date. Asked if Scotland's game could be back 24 hours, he told an emergency press conference in Tokyo: "We have looked again at the potential to apply some consistency to our contingency plan across all the games and treat all the matches.

It is a huge match and we would love to play that game. But we will not treat that match any differently. "

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Asked if it would be a blow-to-see Scotland, Townsend said: "It will make things very unusual for a World Cup ,

O'clock on Sunday afternoon and it's sunny. It would be strange if a game could not take that day or the following day. "