reBeaver ozens are to be moved from prime farmland to Scotland and transferred elsewhere in the UK, including Yorkshire and Devon.

The large-scale translocation was announced Friday, a month after hundreds of wild beavers got legal protection from the Scottish government.

There are currently around 450 wild beavers in Scotland, the vast majority in Tayside, where farmers have faced many problems.

There is also a much smaller population at Knapdale in Argyll, where several beavers were released during an experimental reintroduction.

The Beavers of Perthshire and Angus escaped from captivity or were unlawfully released more than ten years ago and have spread rapidly since then.

Farmers have repeatedly complained of causing floods by building dams in vital drainage ditches, cutting down trees on farmland and causing the embankment to collapse.

However, since May 1, they are no longer able to control beavers, their lodges and dams, and Scottish Natural Heritage has granted permission to shoot or move animals.