Lesley Laird and Annie Wells

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Lesley Laird (left) said the appeal by Annie Wells "would be ridiculous if it were not so desperate"

The Scottish Conservatives have turned directly to the Labor voters, asking them to support their party to stop another referendum on independence.

In an open letter, Tory-MSP Annie Wells said most supporters of the two parties could agree that there should be no further vote on independence.

Ms. Wells called on Labor supporters to vote conservative in the elections.

Scottish Labor vice-chair Lesley Laird said the appeal "would be ridiculous if it were not so desperate".

Ms. Wells suggested that Jeremy Corbyn grant another referendum in exchange for settling down Downing Street.

"Not the Labor Party of yesteryear"

In her letter, she wrote, "When I grew up in Springburn, Glasgow, I was Labor, my family was Labor, we were all Labor.

"But during the independence referendum, I decided to support the Scottish Conservatives.

"I realized that only they could rely 100% on Scotland's place in the Union, and it was their voice that made my voice heard."

She said her friends and family in Govanhill and Springburn did not recognize the current Labor Party.

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The Tories have directly addressed Labor supporters to change their loyalty and "stop another referendum on independence."

"It's not the old-time Labor Party," she said. "It certainly is not the Labor Party of Red Clydeside or Donald Dewar.

"It is not even the Labor Party of Gordon Brown who so passionately defended the Union in the last moments of the 2014 referendum campaign.

"Labor should be proud of its past traditions as the party that fought for solidarity among people across the UK, but Corbyn dumped it all.

"Cynically, he has decided that Labor can no longer win in Scotland, knowing he needs SNP votes to finish in tenth, so he decided to go to a second referendum to get his foot in the door to get."

"Tory party is not her boyfriend"

Ms Wells added, "Labor and Conservative advocates do not agree on everything, but most of us can agree that we want to stop Nicola Sturgeon from becoming indyref2.

"Please help us to send a message to Sturgeon that we no longer want to be shared, we have enough referendums and we are fed up with Nicola Sturgeon.

"And only your vote for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party can send this message."

Scottish Labor's Lesley Laird said, "The people of Scotland know that the Tory party is not their friend, and they can do so because of the increase in child poverty, the Tory government's disregard for Scottish public opinion, and the sharp turn of the Tories to recognize English nationalism.

"In contrast, Scottish Labor stands on a platform that promises a true and lasting change for Scotland.

"Only a transformative British Labor government, backed by Scottish Labor MPs, can secure the unity of this country, because if Labor wins, Scotland wins."

"Krasser Fraud"

Neil Gray, the SNP candidate for Airdrie and Shotts, said the Conservative campaign in Scotland was an "obvious fraud."

"For voters in Scotland, the election is crystal clear," he said.

"It is a choice between the SNP, which rejects Brexit, rejects austerity measures and works for our local communities – or the Tories, who cut Scotland off against our will from Europe, impose deeper cuts on public services and their rich friends into the city want to bring tax cuts.

"A vote for Labor in this election simply risks Tory MPs coming in through the back door – and helps Boris Johnson realize his right-wing Brexit fantasy, which will destroy jobs, businesses and household incomes here in Scotland.

"And the Tory campaign in Scotland is a blatant trick, whatever they say, a vote for the Tories will simply endorse a deeply damaging Brexit that will affect jobs, living standards, and workers' rights."