Secret revealed: these are the ranks of the Star Wars Jedi order

All children and adults too, let’s be honest – as good fans of Star Wars we have sounded like a gentleman Jedi and brandish a lightsaber to fight the dark side. In our earliest childhood we cared little about ranks and political issues; but once grown up, this knowledge is key to understanding the plots and sometimes it can be a bit confusing as is this of the Jedi.

Initiated Jedi: They are the small force-sensitive children who after being detected are co-opted by the order Jedi. These children must leave their family life and choose to be committed to the Temple Jedi. As we have seen in Star Wars, no child older than 13 years can be initiated; If he is not taken under his wing by a Jedi knight, he will be assigned a role in the service corps according to what he has studied.



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