security improvements and fixes for App Tracking Transparency

To everyone’s surprise Apple has released new updates for several of its operating systems. This is how macOS 11.3.1, iOS 14.5.1 and watchOS 7.4.1 that contain various security enhancements as well as bug fixes App Tracking Transparency.

Important and recommended updates for all users

There are several operating systems that have received an update today. In the field of Mac, Apple has released version 11.3.1 of macOS Big Sur. An update that, according to the company, “brings important security improvements”. An update that focuses on a WebKit bug that could cause data corruption when visiting a certain malicious website.

On iPhones and iPads, Apple has also updated the operating system. The new version, iOS and iPadOS 14.5.1 improves a bug present in the App Tracking Transparency system that it could cause us not to receive the notice when the apps wanted to track us.

This update fixes an issue with app tracking transparency where some users who had previously turned off the option to allow apps to request tracking in settings might not receive app notifications after turning it back on. This update also provides important security updates and is recommended for all users.

Finally, Apple has also updated the software of the Apple Watch. WatchOS version 7.4.1 brings “Important security improvements and recommended to all users”.

In parallel, as a security update, Apple has also released iOS 12.5.3. An update for older iPhones and iPads. An update that in addition to the corrections that we see arriving in iOS 14.5.1 also includes two security improvements only for these systems.

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It is clear that the updates do not focus only on the new versions. Too many times we hear people who prefer to “wait and see how it goes, since the news is few”, a bad idea from a security point of view. Updates like today’s ones remind us that the safest thing is to always keep the devices up to date.

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