seeks engineers for the development of the next generation of mobile connectivity

MADRID, 18 Feb. (Portaltic/EP) –

Apple wants to get ahead of other smartphone manufacturers in the connectivity race with their own developments in 6G, for which he has begun to look for engineers to help him advance in this technology.

The family of phones iPhone 12 is Apple’s first to incorporate 5G connectivity, with download speeds of up to 3.5 Gbps in ideal conditions, double that of 4G networks, and that allows to follow ‘streaming’ retransmissions of up to seven simultaneous videos with low latency for the use of mobile video games.

This week, the tech company has started search engineers with knowledge and experience in wireless systems, for the current and the next generation of networks, as reported from Bloomberg.

The job offer, which journalist Mark Gurman has accessed, informs that work will be done on the investigation and design of the next generation (6G) of wireless communication systems for radio access networks. “It will also allow to participate in forums about this technology.

Apple is part of the alliance of companies working on the development of the 6G standard, a technology that the industry does not expect to arrive before 2030. It is estimated that this connectivity would offer speeds a hundred times higher than 5G.

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