Thousands of homes and businesses in Selby will have access to very high speed through a new mast above Selby's historic abbey.

Installed by the wireless provider Quickline, it means that local people who have had difficulties with poor connectivity in the past could reach speeds of up to 50 megabits per second. Visitors will also have access to wi-fi connection inside the classified site.

Quickline, which specializes in providing ultra-fast broadband in difficult-to-access locations, is pleased with the new partnership with the Abbey.

Hayley Silvester, Quickline sales manager, said, "Our technology is wireless, which allows us to deliver high-speed broadband to rural areas that are typically ignored by traditional telecoms because they are not viable on the market. commercial plan.

"This new mast over Selby Abbey gives us a fantastic opportunity to share this technology with homes and businesses located within a 16 km radius.

"As long as we have a line of sight, we can provide high-speed Internet access to people who have barely managed to watch live TV or download programs, music, files or images. It will make a huge difference. Our partnership with the diocese also means that worshipers will have Wi-Fi before and after the services and during social activities of the parish. "

Reverend Canon John Weetman, vicar of Selby Abbey, said: "Selby Abbey was the first monastery founded in the north of the country after the Norman conquest and one of the few in England to have survived as a parish church. It has stood the test of time and we have always played a vital role in the region.

"This partnership with Quickline, which has been around for 950 years, is another example of how we are adopting new ways of working. This will benefit everyone and around Selby and we are excited to be part of the new digital age. "

Ms. Silvester added, "If you are not currently covered by the North Yorkshire Broadband Broadband Phase 3 Deployment Plan for the North Yorkshire County Council, do not hesitate. to contact us because Quickline can help you overcome technological obstacles. "

Selby Abbey receives the founding charter of William the Conqueror and is reputed to be the birthplace of King Henry I of England in September 1068.