“Self-quarantine” reports in Cumbria during the coronavirus epidemic

Fears of the coronavirus have reached Cumbria, as there is unconfirmed news of people being self-quarantined.

There are currently nine confirmed cases of viruses in the UK, although the Department of Health has confirmed that a total of 2,521 people have been tested since yesterday.

Based on the World Health Organization’s statement that it is a public health emergency of international concern, British Chief Medical Officers have increased the risk to the public from low to moderate.

The Department of Health will only comment to confirm cases, while the North Cumbria clinical commissioning team has sent all such requests to the government agency.

Last week it was feared that someone in the Wigton area had contracted the disease after participating in a GP practice.

However, this is intended as a negative.

Procedures were immediately put in place to thoroughly clean the practice, in accordance with DoH guidelines.

In the case of the West Cumbrian self-quarantine case, it is thought to be the staff of a Chinese restaurant.

Although there is no suggestion that they have been affected in some areas of China, unconfirmed reports say they have quarantined themselves as a precaution.

In southern Cumbria, hospitals have already confirmed that pop-up insulating pods have been installed in preparation for possible cases.

The situation in hospitals in northern Cumbria is still unknown.

Anyone suspected of having coronavirus is advised not to attend the hospital or practice of their local doctors, but to call 111.

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