Selfless Scots Help an activist ‘on his deathbed by worrying about his funeral’ after being given days of life

A dedicated Perthshire Pride volunteer was told that he only has days to live after developing AIDS.

Ross Scott, 25, was diagnosed as HIV positive in early 2017 and has since been on a mission to educate others about the virus.

But in October last year he was given the devastating news that he had developed AIDS.

A member of Ross’s family created a crowdfunding page to try and raise money for his funeral.

And the Perthshire Pride group has announced that this year’s event stage will be named in his honor.

Her cousin Julie Shand, who organized the fundraising, said it was heartbreaking to know that her cousin was on her deathbed and to worry about how her family will pay for her funeral.

He said: “He was late in 2016 when he really got sick.

“He had an almost fatal nose and throat infection and, after numerous trips to the doctors, he was getting worse and worse, the antibiotics were doing nothing.

Ross at his older sister Natalie’s wedding in 2017

“He ended up going to Ninewells hospital. There they found out he was HIV positive, and he brought in 2017 with those life-changing news.

“It was a big shock for everyone.

“He knew he had nothing to fear and wanted to help educate others, because even in these days people don’t understand many things about HIV, such as how it is transmitted.

“But in the summer he was told he had AIDS and the doctors said they would be surprised if he got there for Christmas.

“He ended up spending Christmas with his mom and dad, and although he didn’t feel 100%, he was there and will always have those memories.”

Since he was hospitalized last week, his condition has deteriorated rapidly.

Julie continued: “It will be a sad day when he leaves us all.

Ross celebrates Christmas in 2019 with his mom and sister at Kirkcaldy’s Tipsy Cow

“It is getting worse much faster than the doctors thought when he would go to the hospital.

“Ross lies on his deathbed worrying about his funeral and I want to take that worry away.”

Julie added: “He doesn’t want anyone to cry because of him, in this sense he is very selfless.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who has donated so far, he has been shown so much love and support.”

Following news that Ross only has days to live, Perthshire Pride has announced that it is planning to name its stage.

The main stage of the 2020 Pride event, which is expected to be staged once again outside Perth Concert Hall in August, will be called the Ross William Robertson Scott Stage.

Ross pictured with sisters Natalie and Katrina

Claire Mackenzie, co-president of Perthshire Pride, said: “We wanted to honor Ross in some way.

“He was a great volunteer – he volunteered for first pride in 2018 and although he wasn’t feeling well in 2019, he still came and volunteered for us.

“Ross does a lot of volunteering and attends many Prides in the area, but as soon as Perthshire Pride was announced, he was one of the first to get in touch.

“We thought that naming the stage like him was a good way to honor him.

“We also wanted to mention it now, so Ross knows that something is being done for him.”

To donate to Ross Scott’s crowdfunding page, click here.

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