Senator Rubio recommends Trump collaborate with the transition

Republican Senator Marco Rubio, a supporter of US President Donald Trump, recommends that you help with the transition of power to Biden.

In an interview with the American chain Telemundo Y published on Saturday, Rubio said he has contacted members of Trump’s campaign team to recommend that President-elect Democrat Joe Biden be given access to intelligence information to facilitate the transition.

“This would be positive for the country, because our enemies are not going to give the next president three months to acclimatize to start working.”said the Florida senator.

Trump, the first president in 28 years who has not been reelected for a second term, does not acknowledge his defeat to Biden in the November 3 elections and has resorted to arguments such as electoral fraud or that he will take the issue of the elections to court. ; although several organizations, including the Federal Electoral Commission, have determined that there are no signs of fraud.

In this regard, the US senator emphasized that, if the electoral result continues to confirm that the vice president of the North American country is also going to be the president, begin to facilitate the transition of power “does not hurt anyone.”

However, Rubio claimed to have had contact with the vice president-elect of the United States, Kamala Harris, to tell her that “there is no harm in allowing the transition work to begin, that does not mean that Donald Trump is admitting defeat. […] nor is it detrimental to their legal cases, “he added.

Faced with the vain attempts of the New York magnate to remain in power and not acknowledge his electoral defeat, a report published last Tuesday by the US newspaper The Hill revealed that Republican senators will recognize Democrat Joe Biden as president this week despite threats from the outgoing White House tenant.



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