When Joshua Jack was invited to "discuss your role" at a New Zealand agency, he figured what was up. So he invited not a friend or family member to come along for support; he hired a professional clown for $ 200. The clown created animal balloons during the meeting, as you would, and mimed crying when Jack was given the layoff documents, per the New Zealand Herald, Jack, posted on Facebook, via Fox News, "I've got the best support person available," he said. So, there's a chance the meeting was a promotion.

The balloon process made noise, the other people at the meeting told the clown to be quiet at times, per the Washington Post, The agency, which has been a Vodafone account, did not comment on the clown's presence. Jack said he enjoyed being entertained by Joe the Clown. And he was left with not just the memory, but with unicorn and poodle balloons. Since that meeting in Auckland, Jack has landed on his feet: he is starting a job at an agency in Australia next week. (Read more clown stories.)