Sequel to Star Wars Rebels canceled for this spinoff? – Ahsoka – Spoiler Time

We don’t know if this is real or not, but it does fit with Lucasfilm and Disney + current plans for the immediate future of this new era of Star Wars.

A show from YouTube called Kessel Run Transmissions claims that the exciting revelation of a spinoff of The Mandalorian centered on Ahsoka Tano was the cause of the popular character not appearing in animated form, in what could be a sequel to the series Star Wars Rebels.

However, the medium ensures that this is not the end of Ahsoka in the animated world of Star Wars, Well, Jon Favreau is convinced that Dave Filoni will tell this next episode live-action with a perfect link with Rebels, which of course would leave many possibilities open in the future.

Another interesting fact is that, supposedly, the sequel to Rebels production had already started, even with a release date of November 2020 even with dialogue already recorded by Taylor Gray for the character of Ezra Bridger. But as the success of The Mandalorian was so great, it was decided to “take these characters to live-action and tell the story in this way ”.

Wait … is this proof that Ezra Bridger will return? First we would have to find the villain Thrawn (spoilers from the end of Rebels), do not believe it?

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