Sergio Agüero in Manchester City: Kun’s bad luck, who was left out again

Kun Agüero could not complete a single game so far this season with Manchester City Source: AP

It was the expected moment. After an injury, Kun Agüero lost ownership in Manchester City. But this FA Cup match against Birmingham, a Championship rival (the second division), seemed like a good opportunity for him to make up some time on the court. But it couldn’t be either. For being close contact of a person who got coronavirus, the club activated the protocols and decided to put it in quarantine until new tests can be carried out.

It was surprising not to see him on the list of players called up by Pep Guardiola for the match being played between City and Birmingham. (It can be seen live on ESPN). The first rumor was “another injury”. But later it was confirmed that that was not the reason. Anyway, bad luck seems to haunt Kun, in which, for all these setbacks, It is already the worst season of his career in Europe. He barely has two goals in 9 games. And none of them could play them complete.

It is true that he still has time to recover and get back into rhythm. But all this happens while in England rumors indicate that Kun, 32, could leave the team as his contract expires in June and he has a free hand to negotiate his free departure from Manchester.

Just two goals were converted by Kun Agüero with Manchester City; it’s the worst season of his career Source: AFP

The statistics are overwhelming. Agüero only played five games in the Premier League. Three as a substitute and two as a starter in which he did not complete 90 minutes. And it did not convert.

In addition, he added just 16 minutes as a substitute in the match with Arsenal in the League Cup (he did not score either). And a little better it was in the Champions League, where at least he scored his only two goals of the season (against Marseille and Porto). But in those three games, he also couldn’t play from start to finish.

If all the minutes in which he was on the court are added (262), he does not complete the playing time of what three games would mean. Very poor.

Being close contact of a person with coronavirus, Kun Agüero missed another match with Manchester City

Being close contact of a person with coronavirus, Kun Agüero missed another match with Manchester City Credit: DPA

Since he arrived in Europe, even if the first season is counted, that of his debut with Atlético de Madrid, in which he was just 18 years old, this is the exercise with the fewest goals in his career. That time, in 2006/07, he had scored 7 goals.

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