Serious flood warnings remain in place in the Midlands and the North of England, where heavy floods have left a devastating toll and have cost a woman her life.

The Environment Agency has urged the population to move away from the riverbank after the killing of a woman in Derbyshire on Friday.

Yorkshire and the Midlands were among the most affected regions, where the agency issued seven severe flood warnings suggesting a death threat.

The seven warnings relate to the Don River at Barnby Dun, Bently, Fishlake, Kirk Bramwith, Kirk Sandall, South Bramwith and the Willow Bridge trailer site.

There are also 63 warnings urging people to take immediate action in the light of planned floods, as well as 99 warnings "be ready".

Boris Johnson visiting the city of Matlock, Derbyshire, affected by the floods.

Boris Johnson visiting the city of Matlock, Derbyshire, affected by the floods. Photography: POOL / Reuters

Although widespread disturbances are expected to persist, areas affected by floods should avoid other showers.

Meteorological meteorologist Steven Keates described the situation as "a rather messy meteorological picture" with a mix of low temperatures, frost, rain and even the potential for snow in some places.

But he added, "I think the most important thing is that the areas affected by the floods avoid the rain and enjoy a respite."

During a Friday visit to the flood-hit city of Matlock, Derbyshire, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that widespread flooding across the UK "does not seem to be a necessary part of it." to reach the level of a national emergency ".

Johnson said the government would be "ready to help" after the country was hit by a flood of water that was described as "almost biblical" by residents of Toll Bar near Doncaster.

His visit took place after the death of a woman who was reportedly carried away by floodwaters while parts of the Midlands and northern England were hit by a month of rain in one day.

The body of the woman, who has not yet been identified, was found at Darley Dale, near Matlock, around 10:40 am Friday, the Derbyshire police said. She would have been swept away by the floodwaters at Rowsley early in the morning.

A strong band of rain is expected to spread Saturday in the east of Northern Ireland before drying out in the evening.

County Down could receive up to 50 mm, but most areas of the region could reach 20 to 30 mm.

Keates said that a certain amount of snow was possible in some parts of Wales and that the first snow in the fall could reach the peaks of the Snowdonia Mountains.

Cold weather is also on the way in some areas. Keates said: "In the coldest temperatures in Scotland, it could be -6 degrees while parts of southern England could see – 2C."