Seven achievements of Cristiano Ronaldo that Messi has difficult to achieve

Rosario and Madeira witnessed the first steps in football by two great footballers who have dominated world football: Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. From there, they began to break records. One always from Barcelona and the other from Manchester, Madrid and now Turin. However, not everything can be the same between the two. There are seven milestones of Cristiano Ronaldo that, at 33 years old, seem difficult to reach for Lionel Messi.

To score in the Champions League final with two different clubs

Cristiano Ronaldo already knows what it’s like to score in up to three UEFA Champions League finals, achieving it with two different clubs: Manchester United (2008) and Real Madrid (2014 and 2017). For his part, Messi scored in 2009, precisely against the Portuguese, and in 2011, but he was always dressed as a Barça player. If he leaves Barcelona, ​​he would still be in time to match this record.

Win the three major European leagues

The Portuguese has won in England (Premier League), Spain (La Liga) and Italy (Serie A), joining seven cups from three different countries (three English, two Spanish and two Italian). While the Argentine can boast of having won LaLiga Santander 10 times. It is a complicated fact that Messi leaves different clubs twice and wins two leagues.

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The one from Madeira has achieved titles for his country such as Euro 2016 and the first edition of the League of Nations. Messi was close to taking a title to his land but has had no luck in the finals with the albiceleste, or in the world nor in the America Cup.

More than fifty goals in six seasons

From September 2010 to June 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo maintained an unstoppable scoring level. He closed a record of six seasons scoring about fifty goals: 53 on 10-11, 60 on 11-12, 55 on 12-13, 51 on 13-14, 61 on 14-15 and 51 on 15-16. Messi has reached those figures and even reached 73 goals in 11-12, but it did not maintain the level so constant during so many seasons.

Goal king in Europe

As a result of the six seasons, he became the top scorer in the UEFA Champions League in a row. From 12-13 to 17-18. Some records that Messi left in three seasons. Now, he would have to make up for lost time to achieve what the Portuguese achieved.

And more than 60 in four calendar years

From 2011 to 2014, Cristiano Ronaldo scored up to 60 goals. For his part, Messi reached 91 in 2012, a great figure, but could not exceed the 60 of the former Real Madrid some time later. This according to Sportskeeda data.

The UEFA eleven with different shirts

In the UEFA eleven of the year, Cristiano and Messi have always been fixed players, but the Argentine always entered with the Barcelona shirt. Cristiano did it with United, Real Madrid and also with Juventus. Of course, winning the UEFA Champions League with Juventus is the great challenge of Cristiano Ronaldo, and another record that would be difficult to beat for the Argentine.

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