Seven Iranian immigrants intercepted in English Channel, Home Office confirms

Seven migrants have been intercepted in the English Channel, the Home Office has been confirmed.

The Dover coastguard assisted the Border Force with an incident at the Channel at about 2am this morning, according to the BBC.

Iranians and were found in good health.

They now await an interview with immigration officers.

Arrest: Police at Dover Port, where they investigate the Parsons Green bombing detained at 18-year-old man (PA)

A lifeboat from Dover was launched at 2.30am to rescue people in the dinghy, according to earlier reports.

A Home Office spokesman confirmed the incident and said seven migrants were intercepted in a small dinghy.

"On the morning of 9 November 9, HM Coastguard and the RNLI intercepted a group of migrants at the Channel in a small dinghy," the Home Office said.

"A Border Force vessel was deployed and Border Force maritime officers assisted with moving the migrants ashore.

"Seven migrants, who were presented as Iranian, were found.

They will be interviewed shortly by immigration officials. "

A statement from the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency said: "HM Coast Guard is currently assisting Border Force with an incident in the Dover Channel."


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