Several people have stabbed in the Australian city of Melbourne police


01:58 EST, November 9, 2018

01:58 EST, November 9, 2018

By Tom Westbrook and Sonali Paul
SYDNEY / MELBOURNE, November 9 (Reuters) – Several people were stabbed to the Australian city of Melbourne on Friday and a man was arrested after an incident in the city center full of pedestrians and shoppers.
"The police responded in the first instance to a report of a car on fire … a man was arrested on the spot and taken to hospital in a critical condition under police surveillance," Victoria State Police said in a statement.
"A small number of people are treated for stab wounds."
Further details are unclear, but video posted on Twitter and broadcast on television showed a man who repeatedly swung an object with two policemen. One of the officers raises his weapon, a shot is heard and the man falls to the floor and grabs his chest.
The Victoria ambulance service said that three wounded were treated on the spot. A Reuters witness said that the city center was closed by the police and that dozens of agents patrol.
It is not clear whether the incident is terror-related. Australia has been more alerted from 2015 to attacks by domestic militants returning from the fighting in the Middle East.
The street where the car caught fire was the scene in January 2017 of a fatal but not terror-related incident in which a high-speed man sent his car to pedestrians, killed six people and wounded about 30 people.
(Reporting by Tom Westbrook in SYDNEY and Sonali Paul in MELBOURNE; Editing by Michael Perry)

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