“Sex and the City” sin Kim Cattrall: ¿qué dijo Sarah Jessica Parker?

Last week the return of “Sex and the City”, But without the presence of Kim Cattrall, which gave life to Miranda Jones. Her character is a fan favorite, who believe the show will be very different without her. Now, one of its protagonists, Sarah Jessica Parker, broke the silence and spoke for the first time since the announcement.

For this he took his official social networks, specifically Instagram to share a video that shows the Big Apple and a computer screen that shows the phrase: “And so… The story continues”, while listening to the voice-over of Sarah Jessica Parker say, “I couldn’t help but wonder, where are they now?”

The enmity between Parker and Kim Cattrall, who accuses her of not being a good person. Although in the past they tried by all means to silence the rumors that made him see, finally Kim told everything and the last confrontation they had in 2019 when Sarah sent her condolences for the death of her brother. Kim couldn’t stand it and made it clear that they weren’t friends.

After Sarah Jessica Parker The comments came from users who expected to see all the girls at the reunion. “Happy to see you back, but I will miss Kim and Samantha,” wrote one fan. This message was answered by the diva with: “We will too. We love her so much ”and“ She will always be with us. We are very excited”.

Always with a very political and diplomatic stance, Sarah Jessica Parker he wanted to downplay the question of whether he “didn’t like” Cattrall. About that, the diva replied: “No. I do not dislike. I have never said that. I never would. Samantha is not part of this story. But she will always be part of us. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we do ”.

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