Fans of E4's sex show, The Sex Clinic, may have to raise their eyebrows Monday night, as several candidates have revealed they never wear condoms for bedding.

Callum, a 24-year-old man, explains that his penis is too "scared" of condoms for him to use them.

Instead, the bearded guy chooses to get on with his conquests without using protection – putting his health at risk.

Addressing the panel of experts in the series, Callum goes into graphic detail by explaining that he's not really afraid of condoms, but that his penis has them.

Callum says his penis is afraid of condoms

"I have a phobia of condoms.Every time I put one, it does not work.It's not me who fears them, it's my d ** k who fears them, "he says.

"I know you should use them for your sexual health, but it's cutting me off," he says.

Unsurprisingly, he decided to go to the clinic, fearing to have contracted an STI after endorsing 20 partners the year before.

JJ and Patrick took part in a trio with a friend but feared that an STI would be shared

Another patient, JJ, also reveals that he refuses to wear condoms – and claims to have used a condom only once despite bedding 150 women.

"It's not bad to think about it now," he says – attending the clinic after enjoying a threesome with two friends.

The other man in the trio is Patrick, JJ's friend, who also reveals that he is unlikely to use protection.

JJ claims to have treated 150 people but claims to have only used a condom once

"I'm a little worried if I'm perfectly honest. I am not the safest human in terms of protection, "he says – revealing that he has not been tested for three years.

"At one night you are intoxicated and safety is not something that is important to me," he says, offering a very fragile excuse.

The Sex Clinic is at E4 School on Monday, February 11th at 10pm.