Vojtech Gombar headed a human trafficking gang (Photos: PA / Universal)

A sex-trading group was convicted of bringing women from Eastern Europe to the UK and forcing them into slavery and prostitution.

A victim was sold for 10,000 pounds outside a branch of Primark, said the High Court in Glasgow.

Vojtech Gombar (61), Anil Raj Wagle (37), Jana Sandorova (28) and Ratislav Adam (31) had refused to trade women from Slovakia to Glasgow.

But yesterday they were found guilty of forcing women into prostitution and bondage between November 2011 and February 2017.

Vojtech Gombar, who was described as the band's ringleader (Image: Universal)

The gang had arranged for eight women to be taken to Glasgow, where they were housed in homes in the Govanhill district.

Five were brought to arranged marriages with Pakistani men while the others were forced into prostitution.

During the trial, a woman who said via video link from Slovakia that she was offered a well-paid job in England to pick potatoes.

But she arrived "fearful" in Glasgow and was then sent to Ireland to marry a Pakistani she did not know.

She informed the police that Gombar would receive 4,000 euros for the wedding.

The women were deported from the town of Trebisov in Slovakia (Image: Universal)

Another woman told the court that she had been brought to Britain in the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy "to lead a better life."

It was handed over to a Nepalese outside Primark on Argyle Street in Glasgow for £ 10,000 in 2014.

The woman also claimed she needed to sleep with Pakistani men before selling for money.

Gombar was found guilty of thirteen charges by eight women, while Wagle was convicted of four charges, mainly involving one of the victims.

Sandorova was convicted of six charges against two women, and Adam was convicted of seven charges involving three.

Sandorova is Gombar's stepdaughter and Adam is her partner. All three are Slovaks from the eastern town of Trebisov, from where most women were traded.

The Nepalese Wagle was initially involved with the gang because he wanted to buy a bride.

Vojtech Gombar, one of four people convicted of exploiting women from Eastern Europe to Scotland (Image: PA)
Anil Raj Wagle got involved when he wanted a bride (Image: PA)

Prosecutor Kath Harper said: "Vojtech Gombar shows a clear, persuasive and powerful pattern of recruitment, promotion and exploitation of women.

"He exploited them by forcing them to marry virtual strangers who helped him financially and / or forced them into prostitution, which benefited him and his associates."

One victim had to have sex with two or three men daily for at least eight months.

Ms. Harper told the court, "Her autonomy has been completely withdrawn, and her body has become a vehicle for Gombar and others to make money.

"It may be hard to imagine finding a callous and ruthless way to treat another human being."

Jana Sandorova is the stepdaughter of Gombar (Image: PA)
Ratislav Adam is one of four people convicted of exploiting women from Eastern Europe to Scotland (Image: PA)

The police said the women were "bought and sold like goods".

They became aware of trade and exploitation in 2014, but it took three years for about 70 officials to raid and arrest four homes.

The gang will be sentenced at a later date.

Scottish police superintendent Fil Capaldi said: "Trafficking is an insidious crime that is often unseen, often unacknowledged and does not respect international borders.

"It has devastating effects on the victims.

In this case, the crime group has exploited vulnerable women with violence, threats and false promises to trade them and advertise that people like goods are bought and sold.

"All this was for reasons of greed and financial gain without a single thought of the suffering and terror these women endured."

Judge Lord Beckett sentenced all four to pre-trial detention and praised the Slovak authorities.

He said: "Without the invaluable international cooperation, this process could not have taken place.

"Their efforts have allowed justice to be practiced in relation to very serious and harmful criminal behavior."