Sharon Carter is the villain of Falcon and the Winter Soldier

We still have three episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier and a lot to discover, but unsurprisingly, fans can’t stand it without developing their own theories. One that sounds quite loud now is who is behind his identity. Power Agent, something for which they would already have an answer, looking at a detail that is less curious: the type of telephone they use. Yes, what you are reading.

Spoiler warning: in this article we discuss details about what happened so far in the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, including the events of the last episode aired, and we talk about possible theories that it will happen. Read it at your own risk.

New characters in the third episode

Chapter number 3 of the new Disney + series left us (not to vary) a good amount of action scenes and even the appearance of characters that had not yet appeared in fiction. Among them we have, of course, Sharon Carter, the niece of Peggy (the great love of Captain America), whom Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes discover in the particular city of Madripoor.

Carter cannot return to the US so he has started a new life (quite luxurious, by the way) in this peculiar location and he will not hesitate to help our protagonists when they are in trouble. However, something does not quite square with her and viewers have felt it that way since then to such an extent that they wonder if she could be the great villain of the series or, what is the same, the Power Agent. What you read.

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Your theory? In addition to the “control” he seems to have of all the situations they face, his mysterious lifestyle and the fact that he has appeared in a chapter dubbed “Power Broker” (precisely “Power Agent”), which It really has triggered all the rumors is the type of phone you have. Or rather, the fact that don’t own an iPhone.

The theory of iPhones and the “bad guys”

It turns out that when using products in a series or film, it is not enough to make a “call” to a specific brand and wait to receive the package with the units. On many occasions, there are quite demanding contracts by these firms, which do not want their devices to be used in certain contexts.

Apple is one of those companies that monitors the use made of its iPhones on the screen. Last year, Rian Johnson, director of Episode VIII of Star Wars, revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair that the house on the block has no impediment to give up their phones as long as it is not the villains who use it.

Sharon Carter - Falcon and the Winter Soldier

If we transfer this rule to Falcon and the Winter Soldier We can see that both Sam Wilson (Falcon) and Joaquin Torres (the guy who helps Sam remotely) have an iPhone, while (oh, surprise) Sharon Carter no: has another type of terminal.

This, of course, has finished stoking the theory that she is actually Peggy’s niece she doesn’t mean well with our protagonists and that she would actually be the Power Agent that everyone talks about but no one knows yet.

What do you think: do you think she has all the ballots to be the great hidden villain of this season?

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