Tory Mayoral hopeful Shaun Bailey has pledged to "make every red bus electric by the end of his first term" if he wins the mayoral election next year.

Bailey, who wants to replace Sadiq Khan as London's mayor, claims that under Khan London's diesel and hybrid bus fleet should not be replaced by electric models until 2037.

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He claimed that TfL would put an average of 491 new electric buses a year by 2037, meaning that the London electric bus fleet would number 2,756 by 2025.

Bailey said he would add another 7,000 buses by 2025, using revenues from Khan's low-emission zone, which charges a daily fee to polluting vehicles when entering congestion.

The mayor's candidate rejects the extension of Ulez from 2021 on the larger zone, which is bounded by the North and South circle. He said he would use the 130 million pounds for the extension to pay 371 new electric buses.

Bailey said, "The current mayor has no ambitions, leadership or achievements to fight the bad air quality in London." Instead, he has tried to pay tribute to the introduction of central Ulez, even though it is a policy that Boris Johnson developed, funded and implemented during his last tenure as mayor.

"Reducing harmful emissions and improving London's air quality must be a priority for any future mayor. The extension of the Ulez will not get the pollution of our city under control. The only way to improve our air quality is to eliminate the harmful buses that are currently emitting diesel emissions throughout the capital.

"It is totally unacceptable that there will be only 155 electric buses in London in 2019. The electrification of the entire TfL bus would reduce the total road traffic emissions in London by 20 percent. This is equivalent to the emission of vehicles driving over a million cars off our roads. "

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A spokesman for Sadiq Khan said, "If Shaun Bailey were to care less about combating toxic air pollution, he would immediately drop his dangerous opposition to the ultra-low-emission zone and new cycle paths.

"Sadiq Khan is already clearing up our bus and taxi fleets at record speed. Bailey's retrospective refusal to take air pollution seriously poses a real risk to the health and well-being of Londoners. And forget his dodgy mathematics: the electrification of all London buses by 2025 would cost billions. "

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