By Lilian Mila

It is increasingly common to find people who work remotely through networks: that happened to Silvina Neder. At 43
I lived in Buenos Aires and did Marketing Research. She has a degree in Statistics, she has a Master in Biometrics, she received a Bachelor in Statistics in Rosario. He worked for almost twenty-five years in Market Research.

“I had my own research agency and large client accounts like Coca-Cola, Bimbo. I always did very well, but also for some time I had the idea of ​​moving to Europe. Although my parents are in Argentina, I wanted to be closer to my brothers. And that must be added to the idea of ​​trying, of being curious to see what it would be like to live in a different country ”.

Once the decision was made, she went with her husband to live in Valencia. He continued working remotely with his research agency, maintaining the same clients in Latin America. He had his team in Buenos Aires and came twice a year.
At 49 he decided to leave Valencia to live in London. “I had been in London thirty years ago. It seemed like a fascinating city and I said to myself, why not? My husband was able to put together his work so that he did not need to be in Spain, so we decided to come and I continued to work in market research. The beginnings were very difficult because, to settle in, I decided to work for an agency and it was a great change, because I was used to having my own agency and, suddenly, having a boss was not easy. ”

To all this was added the difficulty of the language. “I thought I knew English, but when I arrived in London I didn't understand anything. Everything is very different. It was not like in Spain that is like being in Argentina, not only because of the language but also because of the type of people and the type of life. But London is very different. It is a very demanding city, everything goes very fast, everything is done to the maximum demand of what can be done ”.

In addition to the changes from the point of view of the way of life and language, there was another difficulty in the workplace: the changes that occurred in the industry: “When I started working in research in London, we went from making Market research and asking people what they wanted, companies knew everything via social media and big data. Then I lived the change of country along with the change of the industry. It was very hard, very demanding, very stressful, but I survived. ”

Despite this, Silvina took these situations as an interesting challenge since living in London justified facing that challenge.
“The pace was very intense and they didn't give me the time to go to the hairdresser to dye my hair gray. I had to go to dye every fifteen days and ask for a shift two weeks in advance. And I didn't know what could happen in that time and if I couldn't go I had to pay the same. And the prices are very expensive. ”

That was the moment when Silvina made another decision and said: "Don't dye me anymore." For a long time I wanted to make that change and this was the opportunity to make that decision, which is not easy. It can take months and even years until a woman with many gray hair chooses not to dye more. Silvina had long fantasized about this possibility, but the lack of growth was slowing her down. However, he remained firm in his determination.

Once the growth was achieved, he went to take some photographs to place on his new website. He did not want to work for others and had decided to open his own market research agency. The photographer, who also worked for models, suggested that she send her photos to agencies, because her gray hair was enough for that. The question arose again. why not? And so he did, near turning 50.

“A few days after I did it, they started calling me and reserving me dates for advertising and, as I saw that the research was done so fluently because of the changes in the industry and it was very difficult to work in peace. You had to fight a lot and compete as market researchers against technology. An algorithm was passed and in fifteen minutes they had a result of what people think of a certain product. It was fighting the windmills
As they called me more and more at the same time and I found it fun, easy: they put on makeup, fixed my hair, took pictures. I didn't have to worry about employees, about people working in the street. I liked it, had fun and came back happy to my house. As each time the model work was growing, I decided to devote myself to this. I pressed the "delete" to my website and dedicated myself to modeling.

Right now, Silvina is very happy with what she does. He studies acting, advertises and also coaches to help other women to be able to accept themselves, accept changes in their body and, at the same time, assume new ones to accept themselves as they are and encourage themselves to accept new challenges and changes. "You have to have enough confidence in yourself to not accept to continue in a job that you don't like." There is no age to start from scratch. And that is what Silvina wants to convey.