She was not silent! What Meghan Markle Said After Winning Legal Battle Against British Tabloid

Meghan Markle he got away with it. Judge Mark Warby of the High Court of London granted him a summary judgment on Thursday in his legal battle against Associated Newspapers Limited, editor of Mail on Sunday Y MailOnline. The Duchess of Sussex sued the British media in 2019 after it published a handwritten letter sent to her father, Thomas Markle, in 2018. This happened three months after her wedding to the Prince harry.

The ruling in her favor causes the case to be resolved without trial, which is what the plaintiff was looking for. Meghan issued a statement issuing her position on the case. “After two long years of litigation, I am grateful to the courts for holding Associated Newspapers and The Mail on Sunday to account for their illegal and dehumanizing practices,” he reflected.

These tactics (and those of its sister publications MailOnline and Daily Mail) are not new; in fact, they have been going on for too long without consequences, “he said later. The Duchess of Sussex continued to speak about the harm done to her after violating her privacy. «For these media, it is a game. For me and many others, it is real life, real relationships and a very real sadness.

Meghan added: “The damage they have done and continue to do is profound. The world needs high-quality, reliable, and proven news. What The Mail on Sunday and its associated publications do is the opposite. We all lose when misinformation outsells the truth, when moral exploitation outsells decency, and when companies create their business model to profit from people’s pain.

The ex-royal finished her writing, not without first mentioning Harry, 36, her mother Doria Ragland, 64, and all the people who supported her during the process. Journalist Omid Scobie, co-author of the book “Finding Freedom,” reflected on Twitter: “The ruling was a total victory over copyright and privacy for DOS.” He also clarified that “the next hearing is simply to determine the damages and the only trial that could occur would be if someone claims that they are entitled to a portion of the damages.”

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