Sheinbaum, in the middle of the perfect storm

The head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, it is in the middle of the perfect storm, because wherever it is done it runs into a severe problem. Half of the Metro lines are paralyzed due to the fire last weekend and serious mobility problems have been generated. Hospitals are at their historical maximum occupancy, with 90% and, if this week the admissions do not drop, the hospital system will be overwhelmed, something that was not wanted. As if that were not enough, now the restaurateurs opened their doors in a clear challenge to authority and with the risk that other sectors will imitate what they have done. They make us see that, of the characters who are considered presidential, Dona Claudia is the one who has the greatest challenge, but at the same time, if she comes out well off the storm, she will have shown that she has presidential size. This storm, they say, will define the political future of the head of the capital government.

Delfina Gómez refuses to leave Edomex

Despite having a new assignment in the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), the teacher Delfina Gomez It does not stop having interference in the State of Mexico, as they assure us that it continues to attend security meetings and make decisions on political matters. The argument he gives is that, so far, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador It has not appointed a delegate for the Mexican entity and, in the meantime, it will continue to operate. As will be seen, the teacher has done remarkably well, since she has command in two areas that are transcendental.

They go for free oxygen in the city halls

They tell us that in the CDMX Congress, the president of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo), Victor Hugo Lobo Roman and his colleague from the PRD bench, Gabriela Quiroga Anguiano, will propose to make it mandatory for the 16 municipalities of this City to install free recharging stations for oxygen tanks, to support families with Covid-19 patients, in addition to urging the federal government to support the CDMX with more care beds medical. The idea of ​​tank refueling centers does not sound bad, but it remains to be seen that Morena lets them pass.

PRD raises his hand

With alliances being forged in the State of Mexico, they tell us that between the PRD and PRI something can be put together in the municipality of Calimaya, where the PRD leader has already raised his hand. Antonio Otheo, who has been working in the municipality for a long time. However, they tell us that Don Antonio should not be overtaken by the thirst for a bullfighter and he must wait for political times, so that things happen naturally, lest, no matter how close to the bull of candidacies, he takes a tremendous tumble.


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