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Shocking images of an accident causing the deaths of two seriously injured women were issued by police as a warning to other drivers.

Driver David Price, 65, was driving his truck on the A17 highway in Newark, Nottinghamshire, on June 8, 2018, but he did not react in time for queuing further.

His images of the dashcam show him slamming to the back of a Renault Clio, who then crushes an Audi A1 and sends it to the back of another truck – all of it in less than two seconds.

The Clio driver, a student at the University of Leeds, was seriously injured in the accident, including a bleeding brain, back and broken back, a broken neck, arm, ribs and nose.

She was forced to undergo a series of surgeries, which forced her to drop out of school.

David Price, 65, hit both cars at 49 mph (Photo: PA)

The driver of the Audi, who was traveling to Leeds to visit his daughter, was also seriously injured and had to miss work.

At a court appearance in Nottingham, Price said in a personal statement of the victim that she thought she would "die that day," describing herself as "lucky to have survived."

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Price, of Chapel Lane, in Manby, Lincolnshire, was accused of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

Police said that he was traveling at 55 mph when he approached traffic lining up and that he collided with the back of the Clio at 49 mph.

The tests showed that he had tried an emergency brake about 15 meters from the Clio – which, at his speed, would have allowed him to stop at 50 meters.

One of the victims thought she was going to "die that day" (photo: PA)

He was sentenced to 18 months in prison on 7 November.

Newark and Sherwood police have decided to broadcast the shocking images of the accident to warn other drivers to pay attention on the road.

Inspector Heather Sutton said, "Price's dangerous driving caused catastrophic injuries that disrupted life in seconds.

"Everything could have been avoided if he had been careful at the wheel. He now has time to think about the consequences of his actions in prison. "