Should Blizzard make an anime series based on Heroes of the Storm? Animation, comics and games –

No, Heroes of The Storm is fighting 100%. The plot is literally “all these important characters (except their WoW characters) are in a place called” The Nexus “, and now they are fighting … for some reason.” There may be something extra, but from the game, that’s all you get.

Now what Blizzard it should do is an Overwatch Netflix series. I would pay (as in, I wouldn’t update my Netflix plan but I would still stick with it) to watch something of such high quality. It could be about the rise and fall of Overwatch. Sure, we know, but everything is better in animated shorts. Just look at the Mei they just released.

They could also do a Warcraft 4. That would be great too. Just make WoW a dream and rule the whole world like Arthas. Warcraft 3 was fun, and Warcraft 4 should probably come out at some point. Sure, WoW is a source of income, but they ran out of good ideas 6 years ago.

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