WWhen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez first arrived in the US House of Representatives, she was greeted by senior congressmen, much like a daughter who visits her parents for a weekend just to be flooded with requests to fix things on her iPads ,

AOC is very good on social media: it wipes its critics from Fox News and wins; she has previously made boring committee hearings on huge viral videos; and she has remained understandable and inspiring. Other Democrats, many of whom have left the social media strategy to their youngest helper, were so desperate to learn their secrets that the AOC eventually ran workshops on how to get better on Twitter.

Even as an ace poster, she may find social media harmful. Regarding the Skullduggery podcast, she said she gave up on Facebook altogether and tried to do without Twitter and Instagram over the weekend. "Social media poses a risk to public health … they affect everyone: increased isolation, depression, anxiety, addiction, escapism," she said.

Can giving up social media on weekends help you feel healthier? To answer this question, we are fortunate to be able to read hundreds of reports on social media detoxification online. Apparently the only thing people love more than giving up Twitter is writing an essay about it and posting it on Twitter. A common theme in these stories is that it takes a few days for the addiction to subside before the benefits are felt. Therefore, a weekend may not be long enough. Most controlled scientific studies on the impact of Facebook on mental health focus on people who have given up for a month or more. However, a Texas A & M University study found a significantly reduced level of stress and depression in people who gave up Facebook for just one week.

If social media such as AOC is part of your job, it makes sense to take a break at the weekend, just as earlier after 19:00 no work was accepted – to the insecurity and dissolution of work life separation meant that your boss too Her almighty overlord was.

But if social media should really be social, why not just on weekends? Keep the week for work and rest, so you do not look home to stare at another screen. Then when Saturday comes, download Instagram again and treat yourself to an hour staring at inhuman karaoke friends – you deserve it.