Top Twitch Streamer Michael & # 39; Shroud & # 39; Grzesiek gave his first impressions of the new snow map in PUBG, Vikendi, with some mixed feelings.

The new snow map brings PUBG's big winter update to the headlines, which also coincides with the release of PlayStation 4.

New weapons such as the G36C and a snowmobile vehicle specifically made for Vikendi have been added. The Shroud, however, wants "more mechanical changes".

After playing a few games, the shroud gave the card itself a glowing retrospective and even said, "I think that's probably the best card they've made."

Although he had no complaints about the card itself (apart from some early performance issues), his main problem was that it was still "PUBG" and "that's the problem".

The former CS: GO Pro probably refers to what is often described as an awkward feeling of movement and gun, which may feel even more intense after the CoD blackout mode, which many would say is much smoother compared to that.

However, it complements the design of the map and highlights the sights, in particular the Dino Park, a rundown amusement park.

"It's very visually appealing, it works like crap, but I'm sure it will get better, and the new vehicle mechanics in the snow are really cool as well, you can drift on the snow, the frozen lake, the snowmobiles and so, that's all cool, but I want a mechanic to change. "

Shroud has been shortlisted in recent days as CS: GO's latest version of Danger Zone is the first attempt to play Battle Royale. However, he described the mode as "questionable" after he fired a shot.

The snow map was a much needed addition to PUBG, as it is now exposed to even tougher competitors. Both Fortnite, which recently dropped its own winter update at the beginning of Season 7, and Blackout, which gives up its biggest update after launch, December 11