SIA apologizes to the first-class suite passenger who found a screwable soup

Singapore Airlines (SIA) apologized to one of his first-class passengers who found a screw in his bowl of pumpkin mushroom soup.

A Stomper warned Stomp of the WeChat passenger review of Singapore Airlines’ SQ285 Suites experience from Singapore to Auckland on January 1.

In the careful review from the check-in and flight room aboard the A380, the passenger wrote that he was “lucky enough” to feel a sharp object in his mouth while sipping his pumpkin mushroom soup.

“I pulled out a metal screw and probably the whole crew got their pants wet seeing one when I showed them,” he wrote.

“A $ 200 voucher was offered immediately as a recovery service, but I no longer had an appetite for the rest of my flight.”

The passenger said he later wrote a letter to SIA and shared what he was told after an investigation had been conducted.

“They found the missing screw that came from one of his kitchen blenders while it was mixed in the bowl, passed the metal detector and [was] delivered on the plane, heated in a microwave and served to me. “

He added that he received no further compensation for the accident.

“Hard to believe that a $ 200 voucher for a suite-class passenger would justify the pax experience [gone] through, “he wrote.

“What do you think about it?”

At the end of the article, he said he would have given his trip a five out of five if it hadn’t been for the vine accident.

He said, “In this case, it doesn’t matter how good your hardware is on this A380 and how wonderful it is [this] the crew was, it’s a shame that such an accident happened under the supervision of SQ and the way they dealt with the problem. “

In response to a question from Stomp, an SIA spokesman said:

“Singapore Airlines regrets that a customer traveling on SQ285 flight from Singapore to Auckland on January 1, 2020 found a screw in one of the meals served on board.

“We sincerely apologize to the customer for this unfortunate accident and the inconvenience it caused.

“We immediately worked with our catering supplier to inspect all kitchen equipment and utensils.

“Staff were also reminded to observe strict safety procedures for handling food.

“In order to prevent such relapses, our catering service has implemented metal detection for all meals prepared at their facility and have also explored new kitchen utensils that can reduce this risk.

“We expect all our meals to consistently meet high safety standards and are disappointed with this discovery.”


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