Sia makes her debut as a director in a film about autism, but received strong criticism: this is how she reacted

In a turnaround in his career Be she made her debut in directing with “Music,” a kind of musical drama that tells the story of a girl on the autism spectrum who is raised by her older sister (a drug dealer). As soon as the first trailer came to light, the singer’s followers took over the networks and reproached her for not working with people with those conditions, something that the singer contested.

On platforms like Twitter the followers criticized the fact of having put Maddie Ziegler, Sia’s protégé and collaborator, as the protagonist of the film. “It is a great shame that someone with such a colossal platform is using it to exclude disabled and neuro-diverse actors from their own narratives,” wrote one person just before another declared fanatic, but took it as a disappointment.

As has happened on other occasions, Sia did not save anything and replied on the same virtual platform: ““ Grrrrrrrrrr. Fuck, fuck, why don’t you watch my movie before judging it? ”He wondered. In addition, he assured that he had chosen 13 neuroatypical people and “three trans people. Not as prostitutes and drug addicts, but as doctors, nurses and singers ”.

Singer of songs like “Chandelier” he added that these people have “no idea what they are talking about” and are only judging the tape before watching it. But those weren’t the only criticisms it received, as an Irish actor said the film seemed “quite offensive” and in response, Be He said he originally got an actor on the autism spectrum for the lead role, but changed it because he found it “cruel, not kind” to keep it that way.

The Australian performer said “Music” was inspired by a real life friend who is neuroatypical and that two people just like him worked as consultants throughout the project. “The film is as much a love letter for caregivers as it is for the autistic community. I think this film is beautiful, it will generate more benefits than harm and if I’m wrong, I’ll pay for it for the rest of my life, “he added. Be.

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