Sign that the contactless rule is not working

This method does not work even if after agreeing no contacts you are still pausing your life. If you’ve basked in the past and haven’t participated in fun activities, something has to change. “Being productive and structured gives you a sense of consistency and security after the upheaval of the breakup,” said relationship expert Lisa Concepcion commotion. “Think about it, people melt and after hearing blah for a few weeks, something goes into action where they want to be productive.” So use this time to create a new healthy routine, hang out with friends or take up a new hobby. It is important to remember what life was like before meeting your ex.

After returning to a normal and satisfying schedule, it can be easy to think that you are completely over something and fall into bad habits. It’s a bit like being on a diet for 30 days and deciding to eat junk food again. You probably won’t take those pounds off and end up right where you started. It is a slippery slope. Resist this urge to call, send messages or messages until the impulse no longer remains.

Remember that eventually things will get easier over time – be patient and let yourself be healed.

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