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Denise Bergert

The Messenger Signal is testing a payment feature with the crypto currency Mobilecoin in Great Britain.

The encrypted chat app Signal has a beta program for one this week in the UK

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. The latest version of the messenger makes it possible to send Signal members payments with the crypto currency Mobilecoin. The function was christened by the developer Signal Payments. It will be shown to users in the UK after participating in the beta program and updating the app. They can link their Signal account to a Mobilecoin wallet and in future send and receive payments via the chat app.

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Just as Signal can not access the chats of its users, the company claims that it is not able to monitor payments. The payments via Signal should therefore remain private. Signal has been working with Mobilecoin for several years. The cryptocurrency was developed from scratch. The focus here is on speed and privacy. After the first rumors about the integration of Mobilecoin in Signal arose at the beginning of the year, the crypto currency was able to secure 11 million US dollars in a financing round in March. However, it remains unclear whether and when Signal will expand its new payments function to other countries.

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