Signs that you are a high maintenance girl

That said, if you are not demonstrating selfish behavior in your relationship, you should be careful of a partner who claims to have a high level of maintenance. The term is often armed against women. As Armele Philpotts of the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy said HuffPost, partners who claim that their girlfriends have high maintenance may actually be the ones who are wrong. “They refuse to take responsibility for solving the difficulties, preferring to label you a problem,” said Philpotts.

Councilor Gurpreet Singh warned that the term is often used to criticize unfairly. “Calling someone high maintenance normally means these requests are unreasonable and you are a bad person to have them,” Singh said at the store.

As long as you are communicating with your partner and your expectations are reasonable, there is no question that you want a partner who meets your needs.

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