SIMON Cowell's "REAL" face without Botox or plastic surgery was unveiled before his 60th birthday.

The 59-year-old star shocked the fans when he left the house yesterday and looked strikingly different.

    A computer-generated picture of what Simon would look like without intervention


A computer-generated picture of what Simon would look like without intervention

Simon seems to have reversed the aging process with a healthy new vegan lifestyle – and here and there a few improvements.

Computer software has now shown what the father of a child might look like if, over the years, he had not received help with various cosmetic procedures.

In the generated image, Simon looks much older – with wrinkles around his eyes that betray his age.

The music mogul turns 60 on October 7, and leading beautician dr. Nyla Raja told The Sun Online that she believes Simon is no stranger to excessive Botox injections.

She told us, "I suspect that Simon's fallen skin is a combination of weight loss and too much Botox.

"Injectable medicines do not need to be overdone and do not really change your look."

The skin around Simon's neck is on the last photos also much firmer than at first glance.

In addition, his new veneers make his teeth brighter and whiter than ever before – which would not have been possible without cosmetic intervention.

    Simon's remarkably different appearance left the fans stunned


Simon's remarkably different appearance left the fans stunnedPicture credits: Splash News

Dr. Raja told us, "Simon's constricted jaw was created by a combination of ultrasound and dermal filler to lift, define and reshape his jaw."

Dr. Aamer Khan agreed that the star had exaggerated the Botox and stated, "Simon Cowell has lost a lot of weight lately and this weight loss is clearly evident in his face, especially in his middle face, which seems to have fallen slightly, which changes his appearance.

His forehead is very smooth, suggesting that he recently had Botox.

"His eyelids look very heavy and it's quite possible that the Botox has caused his eyelids to hang."

    Pictured in September of last year


Pictured in September of last yearCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    Simon has always been open to procedures


Simon has always been open to procedures

The well-known Botox lover Simon, who issues his employees and colleagues vouchers for the Christmas injections, previously admitted that he had received a £ 2,000 treatment called the 21st century facelift.

The Silhouette Soft Lift process consists of sewing and pulling on bio-plastic infused thread in the face and neck to get rid of sagging skin.

At the time he said to The Sun: "For me, it's all about clean skin, if you have clean skin, you look better, but you have to be very careful with some of these things.

"There are many things you can do now, not just fill your face with filler and Botox.

    The star of 2003 wrote to Botox before his long television career


The star of 2003 wrote to Botox before his long television careerPicture credits: News Group Newspapers Ltd

"It hurts like hell, but it eliminates the sun damage and pulls the plug out of the socket."

Simon also admitted to having "a bit too much Botox" in the past, even though he credited it for his long television career.

More recently, Simon has completely overhauled his diet by becoming a vegan and throwing meat away – and he has lost 20 pounds.

He used to eat sausage rolls, hamburger and his favorite jam tarts from his personal chefs before turning to veganism.

    Simon has also lost 20 pounds thanks to his new vegan lifestyle


Simon has also lost 20 pounds thanks to his new vegan lifestyleCredit: The big agency

Earlier, Simon announced that he knew he would have to drastically change his lifestyle after falling down the stairs in October 2017 in the middle of the night.

"Within 24 hours, I changed my diet and since then I have not looked back, you feel better, you look better," he said.

"I cut out a lot of things that I should not have actually eaten, and these were mostly meat, dairy, wheat, sugar – those were the four most important things."

Simon Cowell shows his incredible weight loss of 20 pounds on America's red carpet Got Talent

Simons X-Factor co-star Louis Walsh had previously announced that Simon had encouraged him after the introduction of HD-TV on cosmetic surgery.

67-year-old Louis had grease under his eyes, and the Irish star said, "Simon said it was essential because of the high-definition television, the eye was everything I did.

"There will not be Botox or anything like that."

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