LOS ANGELES – A band music singer reported being beaten and unjustly arrested after a party celebrating his birthday.

The member of the Fuerza Regida group, Jesus Ortiz Paz, told Telemundo 52 that the police mistreated him and then took away thousands of dollars.

But the San Bernardino Police said it was all due to the detainee's behavior, and other types of evidence they located during the arrest.

Through social networks the singer uploaded a message to explain to his followers why his face was hit.

According to Jesus, everything happened last Saturday, when celebrating his birthday. He told Telemundo 52 that the police stopped the vehicle in which he was traveling.

"I was already low in the car and they arrived [los policías], they pushed me to the floor, they put their foot on my back, then another officer grabbed my face and put it on the concrete, and look what happened to me, "said the singer of Fuerza Regida.

Man identified with deadly attack is identified

[TLMD - LA]  Man identified with deadly attack is identified

Jesus added that he ended up with scrapes on his face and that he was detained for more than 10 hours just to protect his money.

"[La bolsa] It is my personal object and I had nothing to hurt. Inside there was my money, I had about 11 thousand dollars there, money that I won with my sweat, "said the singer.

The police offered another version. He revealed that in the stopped vehicle where Ortiz Paz was traveling and two other individuals found a loaded weapon and evidence of drug sales.

Did you bring drugs or weapons in the bag?

"No drugs. Nothing at all. Pure money, "said Jesus.

The incident happened on Saturday night, when police reported receiving complaints of music and excessive noise where the party was held near 27th and H streets in San Bernardino.

"They go and attack someone and they do not know who he is. They attack innocent people, that does not go and I want to change that already. If this party had been in Beverly Hills or something, this would not have happened, "said the singer.

When making a search warrant at the house where the party was held, police indicated that he found a high-powered rifle, evidence of drug sales and large sums of money.

The San Bernardino Police Department reported that after analyzing the case, it did not find that its officers had acted improperly during the arrest.