Sinn Féin believes a hard Brexit would “speed up” a referendum in Ireland

London, Oct 16 (EFE) .- The president of the Irish party Sinn Féin, Mary Lou McDonald, warned this Friday that a departure without agreement of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU) “would accelerate the urgent need” to solve the “problem constitutional “on the island with a referendum on its reunification.

McDonald stressed that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has threatened to breach the protocol for Northern Ireland agreed with the EU in the event of an abrupt Brexit, which would jeopardize the mechanism that ensures a frictionless border between the two Irlanders, as required by the Good Friday agreements, signed in 1998.

“We clearly see that in the next decade we will see a reunified Ireland. There will be a constitutional transition. I am not going to give a precise date for a referendum, because a good amount of preparatory work is still needed,” McDonald said in a virtual meeting with foreign correspondents. in the United Kingdom

“But rest assured that in the event of a ‘crash’, a no-deal Brexit, in the event that the Irish protocol is destroyed in the way Johnson and his Government have suggested, it will certainly accelerate the urgent need to deal with this constitutional problem, “added the opposition leader in the Republic of Ireland.

For McDonald, “the demographic and political changes that are taking place indicate that we are on the way to a reunification referendum.”

The possibility of such a consultation “is in the Good Friday Agreement and we want to fulfill that objective in an orderly, democratic and absolutely peaceful manner,” said the leader of Sinn Féin, a former political arm of the now inactive terrorist group IRA.

The British Government has begun to process legislation in Parliament that will allow it to breach the agreement on Northern Ireland that it signed with the European Union last year.

In this regard, McDonald warned that the path taken by the United Kingdom is “very dangerous” and stressed that the peace agreement for Ulster of more than two decades ago is also an international treaty, whose demands, including keeping open the Irish border, must meet London.

Johnson also warned today that if the European Union does not make new concessions in the Brexit negotiation, the United Kingdom will definitively break its ties with the community bloc on December 31 without any agreement.

That possibility, said the Sinn Féin leader, “would be devastating for the island, not just for the north, but for all of Ireland.”

“I cannot overstate the level of disruption it would pose to a small island. It would cost jobs and livelihoods, cause social disruption and hardship,” McDonald argued.

“Above all, it would send a strong and devastating message, in the sense that the peaceful initiative that we have built with such care over decades has been ultimately damaged,” he stressed. EFE

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