Sir Joe Bosanno appointed Gibraltar’s Minister of Financial Stability

Gibraltar’s Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has directed the Governor to add responsibility for financial stability to the ministerial portfolio of Sir Joe Bossano, as already indicated by Picardo in his New Year’s Message. With this appointment, El Peñón will focus on this section during the recovery period post-Covid y post-Brexit.

“I am looking forward to working with Sir Joe, my colleagues on the Council of Ministers, and Finance Secretary Albert Mena to develop some Budgets for our nation in the coming post-pandemic and post-Brexit years that will be designed to ensure our long-term financial stability and the regeneration and sustainability of excellent public services that the Government provides for the community “, highlighted the chief minister.

“Our next Budgets, to be announced this summer, will provide an excellent opportunity for Parliament to discuss the measures that we will propose to this basis in our estimates for the fiscal year 2021 to 2022“, he indicated.

Sir Joe Bossano said: “I am already working on the measures that the Chief Minister and I will propose to the Council of Ministers to grant solidity to our Budgets post-Covid and post-Brexit. It will be a very difficult period economically for our community, since last year it has destroyed the income of governments around the world, even of the oil-producing states, “Bossano acknowledged.

“All the nations of the planet face a major challenge and we are not in a better or worse position than others. But we do have a responsibility to bring public finances back to a firm footing before everyone else, and we’ve already held an extraordinary Council meeting this week, called and chaired by the Chief Minister at my urging, to make sure we don’t waste any time. in adapt our finances to the extraordinary costs of the last twelve months “, has sentenced the minister.


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