Situation report on coronavirus COVID-19 in Uruguay (02/18/2021)

Health emergency

Situation report on coronavirus COVID-19 in Uruguay (02/18/2021)

Creation: 02/18/2021

Last updated: 02/18/2021

Epidemiological report:

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP), today 6562 analyzes were carried out and 547 new cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 were detected. Of the 547 new cases, 295 are from Montevideo, 65 from Canelones, 31 from Rivera, 29 from Maldonado, 21 from San José, 16 from Cerro Largo, 16 from Colonia, 13 from Durazno, 11 from Florida, 11 from Rocha, 9 from Soriano, 8 from Tacuarembó, 7 from Artigas, 6 from Paysandú, 3 from Lavalleja, 3 from Salto, 2 from Río Negro and 1 from Treinta y Tres. In all cases, strict epidemiological monitoring is carried out.

Since the health emergency was declared on March 13, 952,609 tests have been processed and 50,752 positive cases of Coronavirus have been registered throughout the national territory. Of that total, 44,976 have already been recovered.

Today 5 deaths from Coronavirus were confirmed in our country. It is about 1 patient from Montevideo, 87 years old, 1 patient from Soriano, 84 years old, 1 patient from Treinta y Tres, 85 years old, and 2 patients from Colonia, both 84 years old. So far there are 558 deaths from COVID-19 in Uruguay.

There are currently 5218 active cases, that is, people who are experiencing the disease, 71 of them are in intensive care and none in intermediate care.

Of the total confirmed positive cases, 2907 correspond to health personnel. 2,671 of them have already recovered, 231 are suffering from the disease and 5 have died.

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As of today, the 19 departments have active cases.

CLARIFICATION: The total of confirmed positive cases until yesterday was 50,208. Today 547 new cases and a total of 50,752 confirmed positive cases are reported. The difference is explained because 3 cases were eliminated.



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