Situation report on coronavirus COVID-19 in Uruguay (10/16/2020)

Health emergency

Situation report on coronavirus COVID-19 in Uruguay (10/16/2020)

Epidemiological report:

  • According to the information provided by the Ministry of Public Health (SMEs), today I know led to cabThe 2954 analysis and it was detectedaron 34 cases positives news of Coronavirus COVID-19. From those 34 new cases, 20 son from Montevideo, 7 from Rivera, 2 from Artigas, 2 of Canelones, 1 of Cologne, 1 de Maldonado and 1 of Tacuarembó. In all the cases, strict epidemiological monitoring is maintained.

  • Since the health emergency was declared on March 13, they have been processed 276.559 tests Y They have registered 2450 thatYou are positive for Coronavirus throughout the national territory. Of that total 2042 they already recovered and 51 died.

  • Currently there 357 active cases, that is, people who are suffering from the disease, 2 de they know found in intensive care Y 2 in intermediate care.

  • Of the total confirmed positive cases, 32 correspond to health personnel. 292 of them already recovered, 39 they are running the disease.

  • Departments with active cases as of today son 12: Artigas, Canelones, Cerro Largo, Colonia, Lavalleja, Maldonado, Montevideo, Rivera, Saint Joseph, Soriano, Tacuarembó and Treinta y Tres.

NOTE: 2417 positive cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 were reported yesterday. Today 34 new cases and a total of 3450 confirmed positive cases are reported. The difference is explained because a case had been wrongly reported by a health provider.


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