Six of the seven mobile hospitals purchased in Turkey fail

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The covid-19 pandemic in Honduras continues to record upward data without operating six of seven mobile hospitals purchased between March and April in Turkey at a cost of 47.5 million dollars.

After the first two cases of covid-19 were confirmed, the state-owned Inversiones Estratégicas de Honduras (Invest-H) proceeded to an “emergency purchase”, without public tender, between March and April 2020, of seven mobile hospitals , which were expected to start operating in July the first two.

But of these structures, which only arrived until July, only one is operating, in San Pedro Sula, the second most important city in the country, which registers a high incidence of cases with the deadly disease.

According to complaints from the National Anticorruption Council (CNA) and the Association for a More Just Society (ASJ), among other sources, there was corruption in the purchase of the seven mobile hospitals.

In addition, in the first two hospitals, which stayed for several weeks at the National Port Company, in Puerto Cortés, it was found that some devices and equipment were used or expired, so the Public Ministry initiated an investigation, which is ongoing.

Of the other five hospitals, two arrived in October and the last three in November 2020, but none is working, and with regard to Tegucigalpa, of the two that arrived in July, until this Monday one was delivered by the intervening board. from Invest-H to the Ministry of Health.

According to Gustavo Boquín, one of Invest-H’s auditors, the five mobile hospitals, which will operate in the south, east, west and the Caribbean region of the country, will begin operating at the end of February, almost a year after they were purchased. .

Various sources coincide in pointing out that the irregular purchase of mobile hospitals is one more example of the corruption that continues to rage in Honduras. EFE


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