Skydance Animation will produce various content for Apple after signing a new agreement

Apple and Skydance Animation have reached a new agreement for the production of several animated films and television series for the Apple TV + streaming platform.

Despite having the most interesting content, Apple TV+ It is one of the platforms with a more moderate impact in the transmission market. In a competition dominated by platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO o Amazon Prime Video, the service of the apple company remains distant in terms of figures, and not because it does not have series such as Servant, See or The Morning Show.

Now, Apple is exploring boosting its animation market after reaching a new deal with Skydance Animation. Collider states that this new agreement will include the distribution of the films that the recently created studio has underway, such as Luck The Spellbound.

It also implies that John Lasseter, the controversial genius of animation, will return to Apple after the acquisition of Pixar more than thirty years ago by Steve Jobs. The turns that life takes many times.

Disney + is about to raise its price, which on February 23 will be 89.99 euros. If you sign up now, you will pay only 6.99 euros per month.

Skydance Animation is a relatively new studio, albeit with big names from the animation world involved. Founded in 2017 (based in Madrid), its first two feature films will arrive shortly, the aforementioned Luck and Spellbound. An animated television series titled The Search for WondLa which will be based on the homonymous novel series by Tony DiTerlizzi. It will be interesting to see if this new agreement between Apple TV + and Skydance Animation has good results for the platform.

Do you think interesting content will arrive on Apple TV + after this new collaboration agreement with Skydance Animation?


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