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Pam Bogue, from Storm Lake, and Kim Fineran, from Denison, both county public health directors told this outlet that the current priorities of the vaccine is to apply them to health care personnel such as doctors, nurses, assistants, as well nursing home health personnel and residents.

Kim Fineran reported that her department received the first vaccines the week of December 21, 2020 and began administering the first doses on December 24. They have already administered a minimum of 310 vaccines and continue to give more. We are about to receive more doses and our work continues to be able to vaccinate people with the highest priority. ”

For her part, Pam Bogue said that at the end of December they received 500 Moderna vaccines that were administered in hospitals, community health centers, and the Unity Point clinic, as well as her department. “On January 12 we received another 100 doses that will be administered by the end of the week.” She also said that at the end of this week, they will be receiving another 500 vaccines to give the second dose to those who already received the first dose in December. Pam said her department is targeting the highest risk individuals for the time being, such as personnel who work anywhere related to public health. “If there are people who work in public health care and their work has not informed them or given them the option to receive the vaccine, they can call (712) 749-2548, and we will see that they receive the vaccine.” THE PRESS Iowa asked, what have been the reported reactions to the vaccine so far, both directors responded, “In general, the most common symptom that people have reported has been a sore arm for a few days after receiving the vaccine.” Other side effects that were mentioned, although not as common as arm pain, were: body ache, fever, headache, and sore throat.

Regarding the availability of the vaccine to the general public, they said that at the moment it is not known when it will be available, only that it will take a while since those who are most at risk are those who should receive the vaccines first.

It is worth mentioning that the vaccines are being distributed, by the state, in phases. “We are currently in phase 1A, which includes healthcare personnel and senior residents.” Pam Bogue mentioned the possibility that the second phase will include personnel from the Fire Department, First Aid Personnel, store workers, etc. ”

Kim Fineran mentioned that they will be updating information about the vaccine through the media, social networks, and the Crawford County Public Health page on Facebook. About the information she is spreading on social media that the vaccine contains a chip that is injected through the vaccine, Pam said, “The vaccine does not have any chip. The government did a very in-depth study before launching the vaccine. They know that there will be some reactions like allergies and they are prepared to treat them if the day comes when someone has a bad reaction. With all kinds of vaccines there have been potential side effects. This vaccine (Modern) is 95% effective once both doses have been applied. There are not many vaccines as effective as this one. The more people are vaccinated, the better the results. ”

LA PRENSA Iowa also contacted the different meatpacking companies in the area, to find out the steps that their managers are taking so that their workers are vaccinated with priority. Erik Kohler, General Manager for Quality Foods in Denison, Iowa, said the plant is recommending that its workers get the vaccine as soon as it is available. “At the moment, there is not much that can be said about vaccines for plant employees because it is not yet known who and when will receive the vaccines in the next phases.” However, he said the plant is communicating with vaccine managers to find out about any news.

It is worth mentioning that in the informative bulletins that Erick writes for all the workers of the plant, he focuses his message on the importance that the vaccine has not only for the employees, but also for their family, friends and the community in general. . “The vaccine offers a route and an opportunity to return to normal life.”

For its part, the Human Resources Department also maintains direct communication related to Covid-19, with the heads of floors and workers in general.

Janet Lara, a Denison native and graduate, received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine on December 23, 2020 in Nebraska Medicine. Janet said, “I personally received the vaccine because I think it is important that I do my part for the good of the community and of my patients. I have also seen first-hand how this virus affects people’s bodies. I would rather get the covid vaccine than have to deal with the long-term effects of covid. The virus just doesn’t affect older people, it can affect anyone. Therefore, the more people are vaccinated, the faster we can stop the spread of the virus. ”

Janet received the vaccine from her work at Nebraska Medicine as she works with covid patients and she mentioned that she did not have any side effects other than arm pain after receiving the vaccine. She recommends that everyone who can get the vaccine. It will be easier to decrease the spread with more people receiving the vaccine. She also recommends that you research credible sources to educate yourself well about the vaccine and not believe everything you hear.

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