Slovakia imposes restrictions on COVID-19 spike

Slovakia will impose new restrictive measures in hopes of curbing the rise in coronavirus infections.

As of Thursday, it will be mandatory to wear a mask outdoors in all cities, towns and villages, and public events, including religious services in churches, will be prohibited. Exceptions include weddings, funerals, and baptisms with a limited number of participants.

Large professional sports competitions will be allowed to continue without amateurs.

Gymnasiums and public pools will be closed. Restaurants will be prohibited from serving meals indoors, and the number of people in stores and shopping centers will be limited.

From Monday, all secondary schools in Slovakia will exclusively teach distance classes.

Last week, Slovakia reported new levels of confirmed coronavirus cases for four consecutive days, with a record 1,887 on Friday. The country has had a total of 19,851 confirmed cases and 61 deaths.

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