Smoker’s cough against Covid misery: New album by Sleaford Mods

The British electro punk duo Sleaford Mods rages on “Spare Ribs” against false pandemic policies, Brexit and the political advisor Dominic Cummings.

The best songs of the Sleaford Mods are often described by local media as “perfectly pissed off”. And yet, a lot has happened since Nottingham-born Messrs Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn joined forces in 2011 to express their irrepressible anger. The fuel of her pieces was initially personal anger, nourished by hopelessness and a strict diet of cocaine and alcohol. When unexpected success set in, the duo got clean and began singing and rapping about the political causes of the British working class hardship. This is just as brutal and pointed as before in her personal tirades. The minimalist music of the Sleaford Mods still does not lure you into escapist pseudo-paradises, but addresses the dreary reality of the poor people of Great Britain in all sharpness.

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