It snows heavily on the Welsh hills

Some parts of the UK experienced the first snowfall of the season as temperatures drop below freezing.

Saturday started coldly with -7C recorded in Braemar, Scotland, in the morning.

In other areas, mercury struggled to rise above the freezing point as snow drifted into Wales and northern England.

Snowdonia, Wrexham and Mold are among the areas covered with snow blankets.

Two football matches in the Cymru Premier were canceled due to the weather: Cefn Druids v Cardiff Met and The Saints v Carmarthen Town.

Shropshire and Merseyside were also affected by the cold snap.

Glyn Ceiriog snow cover near Llangollen in North Wales (photo: PA)
The snow has spread in Shropshire where temperatures have plummeted (Photo: Twitter)

Slush, rain, frost, fog and strong winds will also be a problem for commuters next week.

However, even if the temperatures will remain cold, the snow should not spread.

Met Office meteorologist Luke Miall said any snow Sunday night and Monday morning would likely be confined to the heights of Scotland.

He told Mirror Online: "It will remain cold and unstable across the UK, similar to what we had this week.

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"The main risk of snow will probably be Monday morning or Sunday evening to Monday morning.

'Some places might start to cover in rush hour.

"As the week progresses, the main wintering risk will be limited to the higher regions of Scotland and perhaps also the Pennines and the mountains of Wales, particularly in North Wales. . "

Yellow weather warnings were put in place this morning for Scotland and Northern Ireland (Photo: Met Office)
Fog in Oxfordshire. The weekend started cold with temperatures of -7 recorded (Photo: Rex Features

According to forecasts by the Met Office, the rain should subside in the night, but Sunday will be "cold for many".

There will be showers in the south and east, but "a lot of sunshine".

Northern Ireland, where a yellow warning is provided for ice, will see the strongest wind and rain.

The outlook from Monday to Wednesday is "unstable", with abundant and frequent showers in the west.

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The Met Office said: "The weekend will likely remain cold and uncertain, with rain / showers and snow on the northern hills.

The winds could move further east, resulting in more rain in the east and drier conditions in the west.

"Frost and fog during the night are likely during quieter periods, which can extend over much of the northwestern country at the end of the period. However, waves of wind and rain are still possible in the southern regions. "