The area around London offers a messy mix of snow and icy drizzle earlier this week.

It is expected that there will be morning storms on Monday and a drizzle. Snow and ice pellets are expected in the region after midnight on Monday.

Environment Canada said a dozen weather systems will sweep the region on Tuesday.

The day starts with a mix of ice pellets and freezing rain. The rain will snow again on Tuesday evening.

"That will make for a messy, messy ride," said Ria Alsen, storm weather meteorologist. "I think you can expect quite slippery conditions, and any roads or sidewalks that are not treated will be slippery on Tuesday morning."

The weather agency issued a statement on Sunday to the regions of London, Strathroy and Middlesex, which warned against the conditions on Tuesday.

Alsen said people should stop traveling on Tuesday or give extra time if needed. She said that the weather agency can give frost warnings depending on the weather.

"It's a busy system … it's definitely messy," she said.

And do not be fooled by the minus points. Although it is warmer than the weather in late January, temperatures could drop to -14 ° C, warns Alsen.

Last week, freezing rain forced school closings, including Western University. At least 17 collisions were reported during the frozen pendulum on Wednesday.